How do you deal with pain?

How do you deal with heartache?

How do you deal with situations that hurt you?


In the past, I have hurt myself

I used to crave the pain,

That covered up the heartache I did not want to face.


I thought that by getting piercings,

Getting tattoos,

In addition, doing things to cover up my pain,

Would make my life easier.


I did not see that it just made it worse,

That is was just starting a fire

Within me,

That the flames would grow

Until I could not stand the heat any longer.


I had to stop the chain reaction,

I had to deal with each situation,

I had to learn,

I had to beat the flames down,

Until they were, finally out.


It is easy to face the pain in my heart

Before it takes control.

No, but I know I have to.

I cannot deal with the waves of pain

That I will create if I do not,

I will stand tall and say

Bring it on, you will not beat me,

I will remain on top


No matter what.  

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  1. tozkario

    Dunno. Never have found an effective way. Sometimes the physical pain is preferable to the emotional and mental pain. At least it I can deal with.

    July 09, 2013
    1. proudmomma8

      that is what I used to do, now I know that it just makes the emotional and mental pain worse.

      July 09, 2013
      1. tozkario

        Yeah. I’ve learned too. Yet for a little while it dulls it… allows the establishment of control.

        July 09, 2013