Scribbles and bits 118

Dear Amanda,


Hi, how the heck am I?  Yes, I said I, guess who?!  It’s me, you!  I know you don’t believe me, and if you do, you probably won’t listen to a word I am saying, because I never listen to myself or anyone else, but I will try it anyway. 


First, I want to let you know that very soon your life will be getting hard, so hard that you will be lost and you will not know which way to turn.  You will probably feel tempted to make some poor decisions; these choices will make you hate yourself more than you will ever hate anyone else. 


Then, I will tell you that you will struggle for years to find yourself, accepting who you are and who that person will be in the future but when you finally do, it will be incredible and you will love yourself and the world around you. 


There will be times that you will want to give up, times that you will feel like no matter what, you will never be able to get over the sorrow you are feeling, but stay strong, hold your head up over the water, and eventually it will all evaporate into nothing and it will seem as though it was just a dream. 


You may think that if you ignore the difficult situations that you are faced with, they will go away but trust me, you cannot run away from them; in fact the longer you bottle them up inside yourself, the harder it will be when it is time to face them.   


Stay strong, stay happy, and never forget who you are, because you are incredible and wonderful, and nothing can keep you from reaching your goals. 


Remember to always love yourself, because if you do not, then no one else can love you, because they will never be able to know the real you. 


I love you always,





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Comments (1)

  1. pastormike

    great work.. the video works well with it. that’s gentle, clear advice..

    November 26, 2014