Scribbles and bits 69 Holding on to love

          In fairy tales the story always ends with and they lived happily ever after, leaving children around the world to believe that once they found love, their lives would be complete.

          They leave out the fact that love is a living and breathing thing that needs to be nurtured and respected along the way or it will wither away and die.

          Because we assume that once we are in love we just live on happily, we find ourselves becoming miserable when things begin to change.  We want to give up and move on to another relationship that is perfect and untainted so that we can feel the rush of new love again. 

          We don’t even consider working on making things better; instead we just give up on what we have.  Even when we do try, sometimes we do not work hard enough to fix things and make our relationships new and fresh again. 

          I think that if we work on communicating with the people we love, try to show them that we are interested in what they have to say and what they do and work to keep life interesting, we will be more likely to work things out when the tides begin to get rough, we are ready to throw in the towel, and just move on, because it is so much easier, than trying to work on the relationship, and to hold on to what we have.

          I have been in that spot, and have given up, because I did not have the strength to fight for my past relationships, Instead, I walked away, moving on to the next relationship over and over again. 

          Why is it so hard for us to express our feelings to the people in our lives, why is it so easy to give up on love, and why do we blame love and the other person when we are all alone. 


          No matter how hard it is for me, I will try hard to work on my marriage, even when I do not want to, because I do not want it to fail.  I love my husband, and I love my family so I will try hard to be the best person I can be, and help my husband and sons to be the best they can be. 

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  1. SEC

    Love is a constant head and heart decision action verb.

    November 26, 2013
    1. proudmomma8

      I agree.

      November 26, 2013
  2. pastormike

    very well written. hard lesson to learn.. so glad I learned it. Love is hard work..

    November 26, 2013
    1. proudmomma8

      Thank you

      November 26, 2013