Scribbles and bits 80 It is cold out!

If I may be so Bold

I have to tell you that it is freaking Cold Out

I have been Told that it is the coldest winter (at least it feels like it).

I think we all want to Fold up into a ball

So that we could Hold onto to any warmth we are able to obtain.

If only we could get the heat from the Gold sun

Maybe we could Mold it into all of our homes

The stores have Sold out all of their heaters

So that every Hole Possible could be warm

Please don’t lick a Pole, you will get stuck, and people will laugh

Even the Mole knows to find retreat

Finding a partner so that they are not the Sole mole in the hole.

We all are trying to find every Sale we can

Because the cost of Bale of anything has risen

Is it weird that I want to hike to a Dale

Through this Gale and not worry about how cold I become?

The cold makes me feel Hale

And hey, I get to leave the Male dominated house for a little while

And when I return my cheeks are rosy instead of Pale

Now is a great time to end this Tale.




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Comments (4)

  1. cjb321

    Very nicely done. smiles

    February 14, 2014
    1. proudmomma8

      Thank you Cjb

      February 14, 2014
  2. SEC

    giggle “Sole mole in the hole.” Nicely done

    February 14, 2014
    1. proudmomma8

      thank you

      February 14, 2014