Scribbles and bits 92

          A Young man has lived a life of privilege, getting whatever he has ever asked for but he lacked the things he needed the most, structure, love, friendship, and someone to teach him the values he needs to strive in the world. 

          His parents were never there because the one was always working, and the other was out spending the money out of loneliness.   

          His peers were afraid to approach him because they didn’t think their lives could compare to his, and he was too shy to talk to them.  So he was left on his own, to try to find something to occupy his time. 

          Expensive things held his interest for a short time, and then he had to turn to other things to hold his attention.  Since he had no friends, he found himself stealing small things as he walked through the stores, trying to see if he would get caught.  Maybe, if he got arrested someone would pay attention to him. 

          After a while, the rush he got from shoplifting was not strong enough, and he found himself turning to drugs, which in turn made him have to steal items around the house so that he could buy more drugs just to get through the day. 


          He starts to hate the person he has become, and he decides to steal the guns from home and shoot the people in his life who were not there for him, and then himself because he cannot live with what he has done.

            People wonder why he had made these choices, he has had everything he could possibly wish for, they can’t see that he has never gotten what he truly needed- love, friendship, someone to talk to when he was sad and confused, someone to show him how to deal with his emotions and be a man. 

          Yes, he did make choices that hurt many people, but people have to think of the reasons why, he felt as though he had to do what he has done.     


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Comments (2)

  1. pastormike

    powerful and timely.. nice use of the theme of undercurrent. no one sahe lonness and despair beneath the facade.. great work!

    May 30, 2014
    1. proudmomma8

      Thank You

      May 30, 2014