Talking to myself :P

“I think the stress is starting to get to her.”

“I know she keeps changing every single day.”

“You know I cannot even see myself in her anymore.”

“You know we all hate you, right.”

“You guys are just jealous, because you know that I was the most fun.”

“You guys know I can hear you right.”

“Well duh, we are all part of the same person!”

“You know I love all of you because you are all a part of who I am, I just had to change, taking the best of all of us, so we could be the best we could be?”

“I know but I really miss you, and miss you acting the way I like to act, and I want to be the “me” you want to be.” 

“We will continue to grow and change every day, and I like that I have learned to become better from all of my experiences, I wish you could come with me, but a part of you has to stay behind.”


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