What this painting says to me Scribbles and bits

For so long she was stuck

Lost in a world of darkness

There were no colors, she felt as though she had no luck,

As though she could never get out of this mess.


Somehow she found her angel,

That drug her out of that state

That picked her up after she fell

And showed her, her new fate. 


Eventually she started to see the colors around her and see

Things she hadn’t noticed in quite a while

She started to feel herself be

The person she was and she was ready to attack that pile

Of negativity she had attempted to ignore

So that she could finally move on.

Yes, some of these things brought her to the floor

As she fought these demons but she could no longer con

Herself by thinking she could go on the way

She was.

She knew she could no longer stay

Like this because

Once she saw that door

Fly open

She wanted to see more

She wanted to hear all of the words that have been spoken

And she wanted to feel,

She was ready to face

Every problem in her life, so that she could feel real

She was finally ready to embrace

Who she was and who she will become.


She was eager to grow,

Eager to learn,

Eager to show

The world how she has been able to turn

Her life around.

She was eager to see the beauty

Around her

And she felt it was her duty

To help others to overcome the things that may blur

Their focus and prevent them from losing hope

She wants to help them

To learn how to cope


Life is hard

And they don’t know where to turn

She wants to help them pick up the chard


  Pieces and let the past burn.

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Comments (2)

  1. pastormike

    a different take.. accepting the surreal as reality.. nice use of color wwithin the text to reinforce the change.. nice musing. reminds me of the movie “Pleasantville”…

    May 30, 2014
    1. proudmomma8

      Thank you

      May 30, 2014